How does the unnecessary system menu remove???

My computer has installed 3 systems, just the plate which is at the unnecessary two systems gave the standard…With optimized master also to clean up, but did the starting time unnecessary system menu also, how remove it???
Storm shade Optimizes master to have elimination function · you to look again 1st, my computer, the right key looks at the attribute, inside has the start establishment
2nd, edits the boot.ini document, in the system directory, must demonstrate after hideaway document and system file, can see xp opens C:\BOOT.INI document
[operating systems] inside deletes unnecessarily
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(2) \ WINDOWS= ” Microsoft Windows XP Professional Chinese ” /noexecute =optin /fastdetect has free time may have a look
Following reference that quite entire Reference:

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