The computer cannot play the 3D game normally. Asks the master to come to help busily.

CPU is the P4 3.06 binuclears, the faint star 945 motherboards, the 7600GST seven rainbow obviously card .1G memory.
Recently my computer could not support 3D to play, opened < evil spirit beastly world > the computer to halt for several seconds is the black screen is automatically heavy, the 3D game could not open normally, the computer was 2 years ago buys has been able to play the evil spirit beastly world, was started to have this situation recently, please give under the position person of high skill analysis, helped under the solution the question.Thanks.Question supplement:Has DX9, obviously Cary has not had his evil spirit beastly world not to be able to play (the 3D pattern),

Obviously the card ventilator I looked have also been transferring, how, obviously did the card inspect.The power source ventilator is also the extension.

Which directx didn’t you have Installed any incompatible software or actuates

Whether the card ventilator is obviously normal

Obviously the card estimated has hung, inspected

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