What thing Inter(R) Extreme is Graphics?

Intel Extreme Graphics is the Intel conformity demonstration core, promoted in May, 2002.At that time, Intel had issued outside Pentium 4 533MHz the frequency edition, with supports this model of processor’s chip set, i845G and i845E.Middle i845G was conformity Intel Extreme the Graphics demonstration core.the i845G demonstration core frequency is 200MHz; the i845GE demonstration core frequency is 266MHz, the picture element packing rate is each second 3,000,000, potency close NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 200 demonstration cores, the potency is ordinary.

The Extreme Graphics construction is 256bit, has a picture element assembly line, each strip has two textures to paste the chart unit.The core support bilinearity, the trilinear and the aeolotropic filtration, each cycle are most can exaggerate four textures.Demonstrates the memory aspect, must from the system memory dynamic borrow, most may borrow 8MB fixedly, after entering the operating system, but dynamic borrows 32MB different to 48MB.The color quality aspect, it supports 32bit for the first time, the highest support resolution is 2048×1536.Demonstrated that the core can support Direct3D and OpenGL.

Extreme Graphics 2 are the first generation of improvement versions, applies in the i865G chip set, increased some special effect technology.Because the i865G chip set supports the double channel memory, doubled the demonstration memory band width in disguised form, potency close NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX 400 demonstration cores.

Extreme Graphics 2 have used new generation Zone the Rendering technology, the promotion core operation efficiency.Will not be able to see the part neglects the exaggeration, saves the memory band width.Extreme Graphics 2 are the part supports DirectX 8.0.

The Extreme Graphics following technology is Intel GMA.

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