Computer company question?? ~~~ experienced comes the master please to direct

Ask that a computer company and the peripheral product are most the service which may develop, which several kinds has.(I have been engaged, computer sale, computer post-sale, the local area network construction, the multimedia classrooms, have a wife and children medium company in the county area, but wants to develop many services.((as well as middle and small scale company develops now trend, and competitive advantage)) myself am deeply grateful, or keeps ICQ to speak in detail
I was do the computer to say my view:
First hoped you, if will have the condition to continue to go to college in the future has the advantage absolutely to you.
Has the computer company regarding yours idea to be very good, but in a profession the competition is very strong, must have the technology, the service (customer), conditions and so on cargo channel, if thought to be good really, I thought that you should go to a computer company hiring out for working first, accumulated the customer for own accumulation experience, had oneself client base is very important, waited the conditions are ripe to leave is generous the exhibition grand plan.

If must open really may also
First.Your under technology strength is importantly…The strength suffices words.Services an income to be very considerable…You are not in provincial capital and so on Beijing words investments cannot be very big.Approximately 130,000 (80,000 also almost).Chu prepares goods two does not need to be very big.Mainly enters a spatial engine case and the monitor may….The engine case must empty! Because power source’s nature guarantees is according to leaving the plant! The monitor may look for the nearby company to meet the goods pendulum! Ha-ha.Does not spend money, looked at your eloquence.One do in the brand just did well looks for several big brands to do… Starts the time your purchasing price is not very good.But you must lower the profit to sell….A section.After having the sales volume.Will take the goods well the price….Hires several to return for repairs the monitor and the power source… The service profit is very good… Other will want you later slowly to realize! Other looks for the shop front to manage management license anything… May go to the Industry and commerce department to give regards first manages again.Ha-ha.Looks for a good spot the shop front! Did not know that you have how many person how many capital investment

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Spatial website: Reference: The take your time, from the very beginning begins or develops the few services, waited for that did has been mature, did has been big, in slowly activate business.Becomes the important matter not to be possible to be impatient, steadfast, must be able to succeed!

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