Electricity brain illness very seriously, asks the master to help! Unusual thanks!

My computer saved had the following problem recently:
1st, restarts (me to have attire automatically frequently to kill poisonous software VirusScan, a starting automatic scan hard disk)
2nd, when close-down cannot close down normally, will close down normally to presses “the close-down” that one step not to move.Can only force the close-down.Fainting…
3rd, opens when green browser GreenBrowser will present two same browser movements.And when turns on the homepage label, as soon as clicks on the label automatically to vanish.Cannot glance over.My already rewiring one time was the same condition.
4th, the mouse originally double-clicks the movement, but today actually turned the one-shot movement.Supposed the mouse establishment not to be good again.
My computer has been poisoned? How can repair the above phenomenon? Why if were is poisoned I to install has killed at the poisonous software VirusScan also meeting? Is this software not good?!
The above question puzzles me very.Myself not am too an expert to good expert to the computer, cannot use the browser to have the very tremendous influence to my study.Asks the fellow chivalrous people to help! Online and so on ING….Question supplement:Based on did not think that the rewiring has been systematic, has the better solution?! Actually my computer rewiring very many have been inferior, the rewiring feared again is influential to the loom.I want to install Caba but to hear that on-line downloading needs to register the code, generally could not find, I will not be the master basically will not be able to find.

……I am melancholier than you
I suggest your rewiring system
Most direct means HOHO
You only could the heavy new clothing be systematic
The system small dish is inexpensive only then 3-5
Looks like you to put down fashionable clothing thing any thing to install to the C plate inside The wooden horse suggestion has installed 360 scanning cleaning up wooden horse virus we the forum to have the special-purpose version, could not clean up looked kills the tool specially
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Spatial website:http://idcms.cn Reference:http://www.idcms.cn Next Caba 7.0, look for an authorization code, arrived under the safe mode to look up a virus again to be generally good The rewiring system, did not have any other means.Is probably the system collapse which the virus causes, the browser is quite stable with, roams through also well, myself felt; Trades to kill the poisonous software to try, the question were too many.The simple the method is the rewiring system.For you a small method, is a little time-consuming, but is practical

Inputs “360” the determination after the
After the spot opens, has red in this page’s left side, under the spot, has determined may This…By yours description cannot judge whether to be poisoned, what but may be affirmative is your green browser’s digital some item has been revised, I am this browser’s old user, but ever has not met such which you said that after all not anti-poison, with anything same…About kills the poisonous software, suggests to use AVG7.5, looks in the poison from yours description heavily, but is indefinite, the estimate was in the back door procedure virus many…Hoped that asks the technical personnel to observe and emulate personally… The rewiring system, any sickness can govern, the incorrect words, were the hardware question.
That is because your each time rewiring does not have the thorough elimination virus, can only come a hard disk district according to yours situation, namely any data except that including virus.virus scan …..The feeling scans the virus…I before also presses the certain scanning anti-poison software, the effect has not been ideal, why restless auspicious star, Caba? Peaceful not on?
Also, what has great importance the document in the C plate? If no the rewiring system may also consider….

An Shandu the software is troublesome, you on online kill the poison

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