What is the only institute in the world for Java?


Institute associated with Java & Engineering Studies :Sri Lanka

I feel the MD of IJTS – Sri Lanka.According to be able to my researches also still I could not located any institute all over the world only focused for Java Technological Scientific studies.At that movement over 4000 signed up students will be learning exclusively Java Technological innovation at IJTS.internet.ijts.org, internet.ishanthasiribaddana.com

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IJTS is mainly concern at two types of certifications.Vendor records from Oracle Corpoaration as well as Professional Certificates on the International Chamber involving Chartered Coffee beans Professsionals www.ccjpintl.org.Vendor Records cover the sum theoretical aspect of Java Programming Words

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Under this Professional Instrument Category IJTS views PCJT Software Engineer.This workout is covered not simply the theoretical knowleged but additionally practical plus experiece componets.For more information visit:http://pcjtsoftwareengineer.ijts.org

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