Regarding developer option in microsoft powerpoint?

i downloaded any presentation power point sides in.swf arrangement and i’d prefer to fix them throughout powerpoint.i came to be aware of about DESIGNER TAB with microsoft developer tabs CONTROL options are differently to receive those choices enabled


The following is the resolution from Microsoft itself.Seems like fairly distinct;

When you’ve got an animated graphic which was created by using Adobe Macromedia Expensive and saved for a Shockwave report with a good.swf file format, you can certainly play the particular file in the Microsoft Place of work PowerPoint 2007 presentation with the ActiveX manage called Shockwave Display Object plus the Adobe Macromedia Thumb Player.To experience the Adobe flash file, add a good ActiveX control towards the slide and result in a link from that to that Flash report, or add the file while in the presentation.

Add any Flash file to somewhat of a presentation

Install that Flash Player on your desktop.
In PowerPoint, in Normal watch, display this slide what is the right you intend to play the actual animation.
Just click the Microsoft Office Option, and then click PowerPoint Options.
Just click Popular, after which it under Top selections for working along with PowerPoint, select that Show Designer tab while in the Ribbon examine box, after which it click SO.
About the Developer tabs, in that Controls class, click Extra Controls.
While in the list associated with controls, just click Shockwave Display Object, just click OK, after which it drag about the slide for you to draw the actual control.

in your developer tabs…the manipulate group alternatives are can one get allowed

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