The partial homepages cannot open

My computer were partial the homepage to hit in recently the open school not to have ICQ space anything not to be able to open me to think from the very beginning us the network question, but afterward asked under and my courtyard is our factory network they are normal
I rushed install IE I to get down roamed through, but was not good

Not only moreover the partial homepages could not open also have a software not to be able to land for example a Thunderclap’s inside debarkation also not to be able to land also have my musical box not to be able to download music ~ completely to be also unable to land

Other surfers are normal
Should not have the virus I Caba Siji to kill looks up many times should not to be firewall I kills the poisonous software and any security 360 manages still could not come up
Asks the master to help, if solved has pursued awarded marks oh ~~ again
Should not be the computer question, possibly has local area network’s malicious attack You have hit the wooden horse, should use to kill the wooden horse the software to kill the wooden horse to be possible to solve your this problem.

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