Computer question

I have entered the homepage does not want to know by anybody that the cleaning up history trace has been good? No matter is the fierce masters could not find me to enter the homepage?
Cleaned up general has not related, but must say the absolute safety, must the temporary file, cookies this kind use the software to crush completely, was not the deletion In fact if you glance over the homepage wants to record you have glanced over, your simply not in the least means.
However cleaned up itself the historical trace to be possible generally, the internet temporary file and under the cookies also elimination may from yours pc not know where you did go to look.Accesses the net with the guest account Promotes the homepage first 0.1 upper right “the tool”, the choice “the cleaning up surfer record” might.Most important was cookie, has cleaned up it on all things OK, what was troublesome after was the cleaning up, if later will have any user to register from has input!

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