The computer temperature is too high

My computer model is the HPDV2208 these day of computer temperature has been very high
Just the starting temperature rose to 83 degrees
Is any place has the problem
The computer ventilator is also transferring the feeling is not radiation question “`
Asks the human to look up the motherboard electric circuit.Examines the power source question first Your meaning should be the CPU temperature is very high.This appearance’s situation first inspects the hardware, is also you are the CPU ventilator, I felt that definitely is the CPU ventilator’s question, the ventilator radiator and the CPU contact is not good has becomes less crowded, the normal connection just starting impossible was on software’s question, also cannot be the power source ventilator’s question.Key looks at the CPU ventilator.Optimizes master to have a function to be possible to examine the CPU ventilator rotational speed!.Examined that knows.Normal CPU is not the full load revolution about 4000 revolutions is probably normal Under consideration engine case radiation air current trend.Your ventilator is transferring, but the quantity of heat cannot disperse the engine case not to have any significance.Either uses the specialized radiation equipment, either looks like me to be the same, in the summer operates the engine case to use, at the worst arranges the dust frequently.Trades the ventilator Cleans up engine case’s dust to be very also essential
Radiator fin’s dirty thing anything

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