Can’t the Internet icon how also open, unexpectedly opens the subject, how to manage

Clicks on Internet not to be able to spring the homepage, but opens the subject the window, how isn’t is a matter, helps ^^^^ surely
This is wrong opens the link.Suggested that you kill the poison.It is estimated that has the virus most likely, if you want to open IE, may in mine computer–the c plate, has Program file, after opening, found Internet Explorer, then stroked right IE, regarded as inadequately.Should better kill the poison first, but killed the poisonous link not to be good repairs, suggested your rewiring system.Is this document connection has the question, the right key clicks on it, looks for “the change icon”, resumed the default to be possible to appear his this shape.
No matter if definitely has been poisoned with that to prevent to kill is unclean welcome do kill the poison to the safe mode under
Afterward with 360 repairs under IE, all establishments resumes the default, OK What meaning?

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