The computer starting black screen presses the reset key to be heavy then enters the system

The computer has bought less than one year
Starting according to power switch, hard disk red candle bright several seconds later is bright on the residual electricity source lamp, the ventilator extension, the computer screen black screen, can enter the system normally according to a reset key, but may also use normally.
Sometimes may also normal starting enter the system, but along with system’s start right side the screen is apart from 5cm place to present a thin column bar pink bright line, after the system starts completely, vanishes! (bright line is not each time appears)
The computer has appeared originally:Starting presents Disk boot failure insert system.disk and press enter, afterward delivered the service saying that was the motherboard has gone bad, after the counter-factory came back, appeared enters the system black screen, occasionally starting also will present Disk boot failure insert system.disk and press enter
Asks everybody to help to diagnose! Thanks Question supplement:It is not system’s question, because heavy new clothing excessively many subsystems, power source again previous repair time has traded newly, the hard disk data line also inspects very many times not to be loose, the battery discharge has also done, the memory and obviously the card inserted pulls out has also touched and go Jin Shouzhi, black screen, but after reset, a computer question did not have, normal use, by all means must melancholy ing! ~~~

Is the feeling is your computer hard disk had problems has a look your hard disk has the bad road ? sector damage The motherboard was bad.Whether to integrate obviously the card? If the independence obviously card that obviously card must consider.But motherboard’s possibility is enormous.I have a computer and your same breakdown, is only I is when the heat engine starts presents this kind.Under software’s question restored under the system or the rework is good

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