Computer figured screen question

Computer starting when is normal, but after starting period of time, on the figured screen, after restarting, has been also normal, but period of time have spent, like this continuously relapse, melancholy, how matter?
You use should be the ordinary monitor, that possibly was the teletron got older, the computer used to be very long The figured screen reason comes from the hardware mostly, the indicator and the motherboard compatible not good are a reason.If before does not have this phenomenon, explained that the indicator obviously saves the chip thermostability not to be good, was the aging or damages.Trades a new indicator, experimented understands.Certainly, other reasons are also possible:The driver does not match, or is the sound card hardware’s driver does not match.I before uses an independent sound card, after the driver promotes on the figured screen, uses the original old edition not to have the figured screen.Your computer whether ultra frequency, if the ultra frequency, please restore tacitly approves.
, you inspect various parts’ radiation situation, for instance cpu, obviously card and so on.Ventilator’s working condition.
, in obviously the card attribute, closes the fastwrite function.
, figured screen phenomenon mainly with obviously card related, you have a look at obviously the card radiation to do like, obviously card’s quality also has the relations, you trade the block obviously card to try to look.
, has the possibility is the compatible question, this with me before the computer is the same, you also have this possibility.Fifth, the homepage virus is not impossible, inspects If the monitor data line has not met with obviously the card will also present the figured screen phenomenon.The figured screen generally obviously the card question has a look at your card obviously whether to become less crowded obviously the card to radiate whether good also to have a look at your card obviously to actuate whether to be deleted by mistake

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