The computer opens, always needs according to f1

Turns on when the computer, front will have a big pile of English, in most behind, will be writing like this
press F1 to continue DEC TO enter setup?
Before does not use, recently had
Resumes the default setting bios 1) starts the computer, when on the screen demonstrated when Press Del to Enter BIOS Setup prompting message, presses the Del key, enters the motherboard BIOS establishment contact surface.
(2) chooses Advanced BIOS the Features option, the carriage return enters the establishment procedure.Chooses First Boot Device to elect
The item, then according to the keyboard high and low key this establishment is HDD-O, like this may change the system the hard disk to start.Starting usually is by drives opening according to F11 to cause softly, now drove not to have the opportunity softly, therefore drove softly in the BIOS establishment the closure, preserved the withdrawal to be possible Closes drives the examination softly

You enters BIOS after starting time graciousness DELETE in the first item has 1.44 electing to him in the carriage return, inside chose the D drivehead to close On your computer motherboard’s memory battery has not selected the replacement to try to look that is on the motherboard has a big finger nail that big silver zinc button battery You must go in the start first choice item establish the hard disk to start, if established well also had the problem, the estimate was the main version battery does not have the electricity to pull Under the inspection is system’s time right, the right words were starting enter BIOS to close have driven are softly 1.35 1.44 and so on, closed F1 to continue DEC TO enter setup According to F1 first under attention your motherboard battery whether to have electricity actually this quite attractively, if your system’s time could not preserve that to trade a battery
Is the motherboard BIOS discovery hardware number and the record does not tally according to F1 in the BIOS data, existence general F1 which for instance present’s computer basic softly has not driven to tacitly approve BIOS which has drives softly is this causes probably you, so long as entered a BIOS then preservation withdrawal to be possible not to need to revise may also enter BIOS the method generally starts computer’s time holds down the DEL deletion key attention somewhat individual motherboard is not such tries downward not to have the question not to be good continues to supplement the question Definitely is your some hardware establishment and the actual hardware environment is dissimilar, for example does not have to drive softly, but established in cmos had drives softly, but no matter what, you next time will appear this prompted, presses the Del key to enter the cmos establishment.Chooses the first item, found holt on that carriage return, chose no errors.Is also any mistake hangs up.If you choose all errors, that is any mistake must hang up.Also will be will present that section of English then to anchor.This F1 meaning is, the motherboard examines the hardware to have the wrong production, therefore stopped! Neglects this mistake according to F1!

After the solution is starting, presses the DEL key, enters the motherboard BIOS tabulation! In tabulates above the first item to press the carriage return, then found the last item to choose NO…

The different motherboard options position is dissimilar, what I narrate is raises reaches motherboard BIOS to establish the position!

If you are Hua Shuo completely are dissimilar! Inside BIOS establishment, after you starting, presses the DELETE key crazily, enters DIOS, establishes in inside, inside the project, chooses NO last, then right side present inside column, choice preservation change, on OK Resumes the default setting bios
Peaceful Delete enters.Generally the motherboard gets down the 2nd start in right side:Load Fail-Safe Defaults, selects the carriage return, chooses the Y carriage return.
Load Optimized Defaults

Save&exit Setup
The blank carriage return, elects to lose the Y carriage return right to be good, some motherboard possible table not to be dissimilar, you have a look carefully

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