Consults about the virtual machine and the surfer question. .

I am in the campus, with on an telecommunication company’s software’s net, because time this software digit dialing only supports IP, therefore has installed the virtual machine (after VMware), with hypothesized two network card conflict
, I want to ask that what means I do want to access the net to use the virtual machine to have? Consulting
Thanked..Question supplement:I have a schoolmate, does explains, the result he has been counter-attacked, could not access the net

To have other means

On-line looks for your that telecommunication company’s software to explain, explains may support the multi-network cards.What you access the net is sharp Czechoslovakia, if is I has explains.If is not, on-line looks looked.If could not find, but also had other method, with homeshare, I had explains the version, wanted me to issue you

ICQ:183405627 This easy to do, mainly establishes virtual machine’s surfer way, after installing the virtual machine, presented 2 connections in the network neighbor, VM1, VM8, the virtual machine surfer uses VM8,
Looked your VM8 the IP address, should be 192.X.X.1,
What if you are peaceful sinicizes version’s virtual machine, in “edition” under menu “virtual machine parameter establishment”, “NAT” under the label has under to pull the frame, the choice “VMnet8”, right flank the spot editor may see “the gateway” is 192.X.X.2,
In “the edition virtual machine establishment” in the dialog box, the ethernet establishes “from the definition”, gets down pulls in the frame to choose “VMnet8 (NAT)”
Enters the virtual system to establish IP, but manual may also be automatic, the manual words IP scope is 192.X.X.128–192.X.X.254, the gateway supposes 192.X.X.2, DNS to suppose 192.X.X.2, the subnet mask tacitly approves
Established may access the net

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