Rescues me to play plays the entire screen question?

KTC anoin pure screen model:7002FD11 resolution:1024×768 refurbishing rate:85Hz plays all entire screens when the game demonstrated the shape can change.How to adjust only then cannot? This question I did have established quite a while not well? Demonstrated that the both sides are not vertical.Does the bend angle adjustment, how many revolve? Upside is bend angle how many normal? , lower part is bend angle how many normal? Only then may be up and down symmetrical.Horizontal position, upright position, horizontal size, vertical size establishment number for how many? Which has the better establishment plan?
Adjusted 60HZ or 75HZ may 85HZ not be good to the monitor, the monitor got older too quick ~ Do not listen to LS, 85HZ is not truly good to the monitor, easy to get older
But 60HZ was too big to the eye damage! The monitor can trade, the eye went bad has been complete KTC is not the good thing
In the operational performance is not a little good, I in 2000 bought AOC17 pure even compared to yours, has not had too many such problems, the number of times which the geometry distorted have been quite few, moreover distorted the scope was not big
Refurbishing rate will fall 75, in game’s resolution may hit tabletop resolution 1024*768/800*600 to be also good
Tries, if on the compulsion adjustment geometry, later will again enter not good plays this kind of situation not to be many
Most is the monitor does not adapt in game’s resolution and refurbishing rate ….Your monitor’s resolution has been very simple game’s in resolution furnishing on OK

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