My computer movement large-scale game changes the blue screen, ask that this is any question

When movement quite big game, will change the blue screen, will present many white writing, will also have some digital similar code, ask that what reason this will be, I machine will be the new clothing?
Disposes what kind of? The good words should not have the major problem Obviously card question
If you want to play really that best attire independence obviously card
Also will have is the document also will not all have such problem Computer blue screen reason
In computer’s use process, will meet the blue screen frequently the situation.Causes the computer blue screen the reason to have many kinds, the overall may summarize for the following several kinds:
First, the screen display system is busy, please press the random key to continue ……
1st, the virtual memory creates the system multi-duty operational error insufficient
The virtual memory is the method which the Windows system unique one kind of solution system resources are insufficient, it requests the main guidance area the hard disk surplus space is its physical memory 2-3 times generally.But some fans to use the space fully, fills fully to completely own hard disk, has recorded Windows this harsh request busily.The result causes the virtual memory insufficient to present the operational error because of the hard disk space, therefore presents the blue screen.Must solve this problem well simple, do not be able to crowd fully as far as possible the hard disk, must delete the temporary file which, the exchange document frequently some systems produce, thus may release the space.Perhaps may the manual disposition virtual memory, the choice be high-level, virtual memory’s default address, changes to under other logical plate.This might avoid the blue screen which insufficient caused because of the virtual memory.
2nd, the CPU ultra frequency causes the operational error
The ultra frequency regarding the fan is a routine matter, therefore causes by the ultra frequency each kind of breakdown was also unavoidable.The ultra frequency, speaking of is in itself completes a higher performance in the original foundation, but because has carried on the overload operation, causes its internal arithmetic to be excessively many, causes CPU overheated, thus causes the system operational error.Some CPU ultra frequency performance is quite good, if the Intel match raises the processor and the AMD-K6-2 processor also calculates well, but sometimes also will present the mistake which some will be bewildered.(e.g.:I once tried to raise the Intel match 300A, in ultra frequency to 450:00, drives softly when has not accepted the order, carries on reads the plate operation).Intel is lower than 200 CPU as well as the AMD-K5 ultra frequency abilities is not that good.Suggested when upscale CPU must surpass the frequency, then the radiation work must certainly complete, a best attire big ventilator, in addition some silica gel and so on radiation material.As for some low-grade CPU I suggested that you should better do not surpass the frequency, so as to avoid the ultra frequency could not achieve the expectation the effect instead frequently to present the blue screen to affect computer’s normal speed.
Second, in the certificate of deposit mutually incompatible or the damage causes the operational error.
By now most direct-viewing phenomenon, because this phenomenon often at a starting time may see, could not start the computer, the picture prompts in has the question, asked whether you could continue.Creates this kind of mistake is in the physical damage memory or the memory is incompatible with other hardware is the result.At this time only then has traded other memory.
Third, encounters the unclear procedure or the viral attack to
So long as this phenomenon is usually we in surfer time meets, when we in surfing time, specially enters when stands to some BBS, possibly exposes own IP, the quilt ” the hacker ” with some softwares has attacked.Should better be mutually installs some defense software to this kind of situation on own computer.Has is again registers BBS to carry on the safe establishment, hides oneself IP.
Fourth, the light drives to read time the plate is opened unusually to
This phenomenon is when the light drives reads the data, because by the misoperation is opened causes to appear the blue screen.This question does not affect the system normal movement, so long as the ball enters the compact disc again or presses the ESC key to be possible.Obviously card It is not very obviously obviously the card question has a look at the machine virus

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