Can ThreatFire (Free) conflict with Comodo and/or Avira?

Recommendations my present security set up for Glass windows XP:
— Avira AntiVir (Free)
— Comodo Firewall (Free)
— ThreatFire (Free)

I always ensure these types of programs are usually up-to-date and are also configured plus running the right way.

Can any of these programs clash with eachother

Nope, But i must Recommend Malwarebytes which will still wont Conflict:)

They Conflict if they have RTP(Real-Time Protection) RTP is compared to a Guard in the..
Background monitoring laptop computer to ensure it dont acquire infected.
And many Report towards user(You) for the solution Like Delete, Neglect Ect.
If an infection is Determined or Trying to do something inside the background.

Wish it helps:)

Glad to aid and yea, i put it to use for that will too:)

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No turmoil with firewall, also , you would obtain out uncontrollable.
WE installed Safety Essentials, and yes it clashed together with ZoneAlarm in addition to Spyware Doctor.
SE and SD right now get on together, haven’t much retried ZA, but I’m covered behind the router, and so just work with PC Equipment free firewall.

they will probably run without any problem threatfire was designed to run with any anti-virus hence u come in good shape hope the following helps.

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