Why opens a procedure to delete one? Seeks help computer Daren

As soon as if selected the auspicious star background processing I a net to tour under the folder to have FEATHER.EXE this document then me to open its it to erase the EXE document which, moreover duplicated together to erase…
Is what question? How to solve? Question supplement:Overall kills with the auspicious star poisonously finally non-toxic

2.I have closed the auspicious star like this

Was poisoned Reference:www.0dsj.com It is estimated that was poisoned.Infected the EXE document, is killed kills by poison.

Kills the poison comprehensively.It is not good recreates the system.Roasts the thing again Ties up in the EXE above poison! What the question is biggest was this EXE procedure is poisoned.Moreover was the parasitism on this procedure body.But auspicious star’s real-time monitoring automatic detection this document.Therefore inspected this document to have the virus immediately.Deleted immediately.But should have prompts you, inquired whether you do carry on the deletion, other operations.This you are may establish.

The question is such a matter.Hoped that my reply has the help to you! The auspicious star will look up kills in the virus to have the prompt will be eliminates the virus or deletes the contamination document
If will choose the latter to bind virus’s document together to delete along with the virus The downloading hoodlum software kills the tool to try specially

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