The computer could not close machine

After computer close-down key, cannot close down, the non-movement responded, selects the tabletop icon demonstration initialization defeat, strong according to engine case’s in close-down button screen demonstrated that enters the sleep pattern.What’s all this about?
Close-down time tries to promote yours Thunderclap, then selects the close-down to have a look again.If is not good I not to understand On after the keyboard held down first CTRL+ALT held down, according to del or DELETE then on the duty supervisor appears then holds down on the SHIFT then mouse 0.1 duty supervisor close-down to close down Control panel—–Power source establishment—-High-level—-“Presses down the close-down key last always ()” to adjust the close-down from the dormancy.Holds down 4 second other pine? It is not good? The possible system itself already to be done by you cut and bruised, my friend computer before closes down old restarts automatically, is bewildered very much, vistasp1 will come out later to want to install, but will not be able to install the prompt system to have the question, finally has recreated one side the system, all questions will be easily solved ~~~~~~~

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