Why my computer does type when according to quick key

When typing `generally may according to leave the typing way which directly according to shift and ctrl needs, but my computer is not good.Why? (computer was bought recently)
If you have not been forbid this quick way, then you may move according to alt+shift.
Could not distinguish clearly in this computer these two to combine probably, in turn was good
I see many looms like this Tries according to the ctrl+ blank space to be able good not
It is not good has a look at the computer right bottom to have by the keyboard small keyboard’s symbol (is manual choice input method that)
If did not have is input method advancement ctfmon.exe damages
Or downloads an attire to others computer to the c/windows/system32 document inside then
Perhaps may download by for instance searches for the dog Pinyin other input methods
The reply finished the hope to be able to help you Searched for the dog input method to be possible to do has decided that other might erase, Chinese and English cut time only need press the Shift key to be good, very convenient or was in lost the Chinese character the time do not press the space bar to see directly according to enter may input English, this was on-line recognition strongest input method, hoped that you liked.

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