The computer always falls the line

So long as my computer played the game not to be able to play, sometimes opened the homepage to be difficult, could not open, the cat’s second lamp always dodged, any method has tried, was no matter used, now in ICQ falls the line, did not know how to manage is only then good, asks the master to direct
Telephones to the selling area to be called the human to come the best method Was selected if no looks for the selling area 1.looks up kills the virus, the wooden horse!
2.or rewiring system is not good? Looks for the network service provider! Where possibly is line connects not stably.
But so long as the computer played the game not to be able to play, this was a little strange.As if concerns with yours computer disposition.The family wide band will have this aspect question frequently! You should better trade the strip telephone line, is receives the telecommunication in your family’s master line direct turning on computer use, the telephone meets the extension telephone to exit in addition again, if moreover in the family has many telephones so long as, and the casual a little question also will affect after the surfer quality (for instance will have a telephone is will be struck by lightning part damage, can answer but cannot dial outwire, such telephone and will use to family will affect for network).

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