The tabletop has a folder not to be able to delete

Before the tabletop newly built folder, how afterward didn’t know, deletes time prompts “is unable the delete files to be unable to read the source document or the floppy disk”, could not delete, looks irritably, who knew how to manage?
That crushes Tries with UNLOCK

Looked that is not familiar with under the migration and that’s the end Under the safe mode deletes, but is possibly the virus, kills the poison, cannot kill the words invite the rewiring system! Folder’s name has the question, suggested that obeys orders issues an order enters the tabletop to delete.Possibly is the floppy disk is wrong
The movement floppy disk scanning, and scans the document in the district, before the scanning, determined already elects to repair the document and the bad sector, comprehensive scanning all options, after the scanning, again delete files.

With the aid of WinRAR
Strikes the folder which right must delete, the choice “increases to the compressed file”.After springing in the dialog box selects “the compression deletes the source document,” writes a compression package of name casually, the click “determines” the button then.

But execution document deletion
When the execution document’s reflection or the procedure transfer also the DLL dynamic link storehouse has not released when the memory, deletes will prompt the document to use, the solution is deletes system’s page document under DOS So long as were the appearance “is unable the delete files to be unable to read the source document or the floppy disk” that does not need to think looked for a software to do virulently decides this poison on OK.I little while ago such.Because did not have the surfer not to have the means solution at that time.Afterward could on, kill a poisonous renewal, was good.

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