The document existence but cannot open

Some document, has inside the SYSTEM32 folder, but could not find, the hideaway waited for me to open.
Cannot see that document, searches for also does not search.Why, did I know that has forbidden to you, ask that had any method to find that document, but also had, that document was uses for to forbid in computer’s establishment, could not imitate asks all MMC the document, my computer management, group strategy and so on.Abnormal is not good on the hardware examination.
On-line searches for the system establishment tool.If your computer before has not presented this kind of situation, possibly is because your system collapsed.Infection virus, rewiring! \ winnt \ csc \ the csc1.tep poison, then by your anti-poison software isolation, your anything cannot be opened, so long as but you may open your anti-poison software closure, but that separates the virus to have inside your computer…One look that manages.Possibly was poisoned has killed the poisonous software to trade has a look in not good on the rewiring

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