The bedroom old trip, the computer power failure has any harm frequently

Our bedroom voltage is insufficient, the computer are many, the bedroom trips frequently, therefore the computer must break 2-3 times at least every day the electricity, ask that who has to understand what degree hardware breaks can damage to??? Person of good intention help
The injury has, looked that was serious! Generally the power failure is suddenly easiest to cause the hard disk damage, perhaps is moving software, document loss! The occasional power failure influence is not big, but the regular words are not good.
Purchases a UPS reserve power source to be possible to solve this problem! UPS may in the power failure instantaneous, the automatic cut over reserve power source supply power to the computer! Generally only then ten minute on times, but also one kind of UPs may Chu Dian, be possible to use above one hour, must look that had how many batteries, but, the dormitory words bought that kind of 200 about! Reserve -like, was too expensive.Will have the damage, but becoming will be different.The hard disk wants serious.After again each time power failure, the computer system establishment has not carried on the preservation, you start again when will enlarge the system to read the plate time, sometimes the system automatic will correct error the repair hard disk.This is most injuries the plate.

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