The computer is bewildered card!!

My family computer cpu binuclear 2.8 memory 2Gb obviously saves 512.
Sometimes, is bewildered, inside the duty supervisor demonstrates the cpu use less than 5%, memory also surplus more than 70%, but it is the card is not good, continues about the probably 2 minutes to be only then good.
Sometimes moreover awaits the honor of your presence drives to read the compact disc, the computer also meets the deactivation, “my computer” has not responded, only then draws back after the compact disc, closes explore (association tabletop icon and starts fence together closure)
Asks the master to explain!
The card could not explore close again has been able the blue screen
The suggestion looks for the system optimization software Disposes how many to think that specifically you dispose should the good hard disk fragment be many you to install a system lattice design as a whole, other reorganization!! Now the hard disk is bigger and bigger, the thing installs more and more is many, therefore also will be no doubt getting more and more with the old fragment, particularly will play from on-line downstream play, will not be very good, therefore suggested that you will play you the card game thorough deletion, will be downloading the installment, should be possible to solve the problem!! System rewiring I was this am all right Either is the system has the question, has been either poisoned, enters the safety system to kill intoxicates first, explore is the system advancement cannot close Possibly was kills promotes you to endure my computer a half hour poisonously to be able to recover consciousness 1.confirmed first a question you CPU use less than 5% memories also surplus more than 70% when is the computer just started, if is because system initiation’s time system assigns the IP address for the computer the reason.This period of time can the card.Finished until the assignment cannot.Therefore presents the above phenomenon, if is not.The system initiation was very long presents this phenomenon to hit virus’s reason.Suggested that kills the poison.

2.reads when the compact disc the card, possibly was your plate has spent or your laser aging reason reads the plate to be difficult.Therefore meets the card.

3.the association tabletop icon and starts the fence to close together.That is because you closed have caused the system not to respond, therefore presented the above phenomenon.

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