How does the computer close down automatically solves?

The computer is new clothing’s “AM2 4400+, obviously the card is the board carries, before the power source is Jin Hetian engine case power source coverall “`, has been all right, recently attacked the three countries unparalleled to present the automatic close-down suddenly, afterward will develop usually accesses the net also to close, tries to trade power source several days to be all right, today attacked the three countries unparalleled to close suddenly, was any question Question supplement:Usually will access the net also to close, should not close the CPU temperature matter? When closes down any omen “sudden power failure has not closed

The CPU temperature is high After first software, the hardware check, looks up the poison first, or the direct rewiring system has a look at the breakdown to be possible not to remove, if is not the viral reason, I estimated that you should be the CPU temperature are high, hit the game load to be too heavy, CPU the hyperpyrexia ventilator could not disperse the heat, then the power failure automatic protection, has traded a big ventilator to be good Cleaning up engine case dust.

Cleans up after windows the assistant promotes kills the poison.

Closure system’s automatic close-down.In mine computer right key, in the attribute establishes.

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