I have an old spot computer, the homepage may open, but cannot input any character

The homepage can only look that does not input; ICQ can record, but cannot receive and dispatch the information 0.1 but will operate will present the automatic shut-off, and will spring IE to make a mistake
You may from install the system to try, perhaps was you are not careful deleted, I who some system files created before also had this kind of experience, was not computer’s question.Rewiring system IE lacks the mshtmled.dll document, this document located at system plate windows \ under system32 folder.(Or surfer downloads one) from a normal computer copy this document.Then carries on the registration, namely run command:regsvr32 mshtmled.dll “

Downloading address:www.zhaodll.com/soft/m/200701/2243.html “looks for the DLL downloading station”

Tries to look.If is not good, the rewiring is the simplest most and direct method Graciousness rewiring do not use XP with the low edition

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