After BIOS establishment, must change

I have established BIOS, will preserve the withdrawal later starting is good.But after closing down, again starting when changed, prompts (continues) according to F1, or reset.Why ask the master? How to manage?
After pressing the F10 key preservation, withdraws.Starting presses the F1 key, this is because your BIOS establishment does not work as but can also the normal homing system, be the non-lethality breakdown, according to F1 was asking whether you do continue.

You have not installed the floppy disk driver, but has established in CMOS, opens option which drives softly.
The method is:Starting presses the Del key, enters the BIOS establishment, chooses first ” the basic establishment “, did not have ” Disabel a floopy establishment ” invalid to be possible.
2 just started starting when enters BIOS according to DEL, presses the carriage return key to enter the first item, inside has a look at “Drive A” the item is “None”, is not the words press “Pgup” or “PgDn” makes the revision, after the revision, press “ESC” the withdrawal, chooses “Save & Exit Setup” the item to withdraw from BIOS according to the carriage return, restarts, the incorrect words traded the battery to press the above step reset again already to be possible again.
3 starting need to press down the F1 key to be able to enter, is mainly because in BIOS the establishment and the real hardware data symbol do not cause, may divide into the following several kind of situations:
1st, in fact did not have to drive softly or to drive to go bad softly, but in BIOS actually established has drives softly, like this caused to be able to continue according to F1.
2nd, originally has hung two hard disks, establishes in BIOS formed a pair the hard disk, afterward picked off a time actually forgot that changed the BIOS establishment, also will have this problem.
3rd, the motherboard battery will not have the electricity also to create the data missing, thus presented this breakdown.
4th, the initialize the system, enters in again the BIOS establishment, discovered that drove the establishment is softly 1.44M, but in fact in the engine case and drove not softly, after this establishment was NONE, trouble shooting.
Had many people to ask such question, below has met me this kind of question does to summarize, hoped has the help to everybody.
1st, Hareware Monitor found an error, enter POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP for details, Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP

Chinese:The surveillance function discovery mistake, enters POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP to observe the detailed material, presses the F1 key to continue the starting procedure, presses the DEL key to enter the COMS establishment.

Explained:Some motherboards have hardware’s surveillance function, may establish the motherboard and the CPU temperature surveillance, voltage regulator’s voltage outputs the accurate position surveillance and to each ventilator rotational speed surveillance, when

Above surveillance function when starting detected that has the unusual circumstance, will then then present the above these words, by now might enter the COMS establishment to choose POWER MANAGEMENT SETUP, in right side ** Fan Monitor **, which part ** Thermal Monitor ** and ** Voltage Monitor the ** examination has sent out exceptionally, then performed to solve again.

2nd, pri slave drive-ATAPI LNCOMPatible press F1 to Resume
Possibly is your light drives not to meet or has the breakdown, should better suppose automatically to CMOS each IDE mouth.

3rd, Press F1 to continue, DEL to enter SETUP
After starting, enters BIOS according to DEL, after choosing drove to choose NONE softly according to the F10 preservation may

4th, CMOS checksum error-Defaults loaded
Press F1 to contnue? DEL to enter SETUP
the cmos battery does not have the electricity.
5th, Warning! CPU has been changed! Please Enter CPU speed CMOS setup and Remember to save Before Exit!
This indicated that the BIOS establishment was flushed out, must reset BIOS (be called the CMOS establishment).Starting holds down “Del” the key to enter the establishment, reads your motherboard instruction booklet.How many are your CPU frequency? Must choose outside the frequency in BIOS, the frequency multiplication is in any case locking.Outside the frequency always 66, 100 or 133, must look at the CPU model, from lowers toward the high establishment.If is the AWARD BIOS establishment, chooses Frequency/Voltage Control in the home page (frequency/voltage control), uses this menu to be possible for the frequency, the voltage to carry on the special hypothesis.And “Clock By Slight Adjust (clock rate trimming)” allows you to choose the CPU clock rate.Each kind of motherboard’s BIOS establishment has the difference, may refer to own motherboard instruction booklet to make the adjustment.
6th, cpu has been changed please re-enter cpu settings in the cmos setup and remember to save before quit!
On some motherboards has an outside frequency to jump the line, the default is 100MHZ, but also has a motherboard not to support the automatic frequency adjustment.So long as you entered in BIOS to establish the outside frequency outside your CPU standard the frequency to be possible, the frequency multiplication aspect was the automatic setup generally, should better not surpass the frequency.

If the above solution cannot solve, you may inspect nearby CMOS the electric circuit whether to have the burned-out sign, my machine is because nearby the CMOS electric circuit has the question, above machine decided the method to try also uselessly, last iron did decides.Ha-ha, might as well you also try! Starting presses the F1 key, this is because your BIOS establishment does not work as but can also the normal homing system, be the non-lethality breakdown, according to F1 was asking whether you do continue.
Changes the primitive establishment
Peaceful Delete enters.Generally the motherboard gets down the 2nd start in right side:Load Fail-Safe Defaults, selects the carriage return, chooses the Y carriage return.
Load Optimized Defaults

Save&exit Setup
The blank carriage return, elects to lose the Y carriage return right to be good, some motherboard possible table not to be dissimilar, you have a look carefully

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