How couldn’t the folder delete manages

I have unloaded today the evil spirit territory, but time unloads said had problems, I have not managed have neglected, but left behind a folder not to be able to delete finally, a deletion sprang the dialog box saying that “could not find assigns the document, please confirm assigned the way and the filename were correct” fundamentally cannot master, the inside folder could also not delete, was a prompt, after how matter I did restart, was also the same · that master helps oh · · ICQ 30895999 Question supplement:Restarted under the deletion useless that folder also some 56 folders is cannot delete moreover is equally 0 byte your these means is useless

Smashing document
Generally killed the poisonous software or 360 had this function Has not installed ICQ, you might like this, all user advancement close the duty supervisor, and could not close anti-poison software ~ except explorer.exe Restarted deletes on OK I also meet such phenomenon, the folder have not been able to have deleted, looked that inside the attribute is spatial, may be cannot delete.Crushes the folder not to be good.I was poisoned.This folder has the virus.Any poison I forgot.You kill poisonously first.