The computer closes down automatically

After computer starting, speaks the indefinite tense the automatic close-down or is heavy, already did the rewiring system also have solves the problem.After the close-down, presses the power source key not to reflect that must pull out the plug has inserted again can again starting.Question supplement:Got down to optimize master, above demonstrated that the CPU ventilator rotational speed 3000-3200 revolution of/minutes, should not be the CPU radiation questions

How to inspect COMS the battery to trade

Obviously card NVIDIA GeForce 6600 AGP speed 8X AGP operating frequency 66MHZ AGP main line frequency 533MHZ AGP working voltage 0.8V AGP the band width 2.1GB/second reveals the card temperature 79 ? (174 ?)

CPU AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+ CPU ventilator rotational speed 3139 revolution of/minute CPU temperatures 55 ? (131 ?) CPU core temperature 52 ? (125 ?)

Helps me to have a look at this data is normal

Extremely possibly is CPU radiates is not good creates
Turns on the engine case to look that the CPU radiation fan moves enough quickly
If slow trades one The question possibly is various hardware aspect power source memory CPU hard disk has the question possibly to cause Sometimes next everest will inspect cpu the temperature cpu temperature high to force the close-down Should trade together the CMOS battery? If were not good must let others overhaul on motherboard’s power supply part to have the question

Starting enters BIOS, in inside PC health has battery’s voltage generally

Useless 6600, did not know that 89 degrees do calculate high, but I thought that has been very high, CPU my 48 degrees will halt, now about the general 40 degrees, I am dodge dragon 2500+