Computer warning question

Memory obviously card all hardware pulled out have reported to the police
Has turned off the power source I pour, a normal computer will take the memory also to report to the police, your machine question, has taken away repairs, you might force the close-down, long pressed the power source key to be possible.The warning is your computer sponsor temperature monitoring is having an effect, the cpu hyperpyrexia will report to the police, you will inspect the cpu ventilator to have a look whether to decrease temperature has the problem, if will not have the question, you may enter bios to establish the following warning temperature, will move does not have the question basically to 60 degrees warnings, cpu50 is generally normal
Wishes you to succeed!! About computer main engine’s warning sound

1 short memory refurbishing defeat
2 short memory ECC examines the mistake
3 short system basic memories (1st 64K) inspects is defeated 4 short system clocks to make a mistake 5 short central processor (CPU) to be wrong
6 short keyboard controller error
7 short system solid patterns are wrong, cannot cut the protected mode
8 short demonstration memories wrong (demonstration memory has possibly gone bad) 9 short ROM the BIOS examination and the mistake
1 long 3 short memories wrong (memory damage, please replacement)
1 long 8 short demonstration test wrong (monitor data tight and loose or indicator inserted not steadily)
Award BIOS
1 short system normal boot machine
2 short conventions are wrong, please enter CMOS the SETUP reset not correct option
1 long 1 short RAM or the motherboard make a mistake
1 long 2 short demonstrations wrong (monitor or indicator)
1 long 3 short keyboard controller error
1 long 9 short motherboard FlashRAM either EPROM wrong (the BIOS damage) makes a sound (long sound) the memory to insert not steady or the damage unceasingly does not stop makes a sound the power source, the monitor has not connected with the indicator is redundant the short sound power source not to have the sound non-to demonstrate the power source First, the virus will not cause the computer warning probably.The computer warning’s sound length section is the basis which judges you to have problems, describes me according to you to feel that is your hardware as a result of the long time use, possibly some become less crowded or the ventilator question you under the inspection has a look You said quite fuzzily, may again the careful spot, otherwise did not know how to help you
You captured the memory certainly to report to the police

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