The computer maintains the master to advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The computer starting light will drive slightly sound, monitor screen non-signal input, starting, sometimes by chance could starting, is what question, did the light drive the motherboard or the power source?? Concrete is anything asks the master to advise, gives the manual solution, thanks
Turned on the engine case/to clean up inside the ash//toward to tighten each part inserted/…/computer this gadget/always a little does not talk clearly problem/……/ Memory obviously card.Inserts again has a look Dust, memory, obviously card this 3 types The spare part meets inserts the question, suggested that the comprehensive clear ash, then inserts again one by one Turns on the engine case! Has a look at the connection! Makes a general cleaning! So long as in certificate of deposit and network card (if is independent) dials, rubs Jin Shouzhi, then inserts.Whether the inspection line is again reliable, generally may solve! Drives the line separation yours light to try again machine…My light drives to consider as finished is this.Is now useless

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