Would c++ work with this?

I might have titled this wrong. I was wondering if c++ would be able to check the time on the computer and when the time on the clock says.. lets say… 4:30 pm it plays a audio file, or even just opens up a word file. If not what would I need to learn to do this? (If it’s possible.)

Sure. C++ should be able to do it along with numerous other languages. What you’re talking about used to be called a TSR – terminate and stay resident – program, but those haven’t really been used since the days of DOS.

If you’re wanting to do what you asked about in C++, there’s a book called Hackish C++ Pranks and Tricks by Michale Flenov that will probably get you on the road to what you’re after. The book does come with a CD full of the source code so you can play with it without having to type it in.

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