Why can’t the computer type

Why can’t the computer type can only hit the Pinyin language establishment thing mei la
Kills the poison first, if before you, can type, estimated that has hit the machine dog virus.Moreover the possibility is very big.
Second, opens the control panel – region and the language option – language – detailed information – high-level, will close the high-level writing service a reelection elimination.System prompt logging out.According to the determination might.
Third, right key one-shot duty fence – toolbar – language fence.Restarts to try, or trades a software to hit to try again You play the network game, now the network game has the protection procedure, you have closed the game, best starts tries again, if easy to use showing were not the input method breakdown.If is not easy to use, may turn on the control panel, then found the region and the language option, established inside that.First, strikes the duty fence – – toolbar right, cancels chooses “the language fence”;
Second, the control panel – – region and the language option – – language – – detailed information – – establishment – – language fence, cancels elects “on the tabletop to demonstrate that the language fence”, “demonstrates other language fence icon in the duty fence”
Third, control panel – – region and language option – – language – – detailed information – – high-level, inside removes cancelling.Restarting Reference:http://nt.amamei.cn I have also met such question, recommends you to use the duty fence repair tool, it may repair duty fence’s each kind of question, the downloading address
http://exs.mail.ICQ.com/cgi-bin/downloadfilepart/svrid32/%C8%CE%CE%F1%C0%B8%D0%DE%B8%B4%B9%A4%BE%DF.exe?svrid=32&;fid=7ddf96248f034f1b426ada6c37d549ccb5fa5e4eec3bab06&;&;txf_fid=&;&;txf_sid=e8bdea077f4d48cc52fac5d984d1e43b2c2ad884 Are you useful the wind and snow to record the sign, some words book fell may use Control panel –Date, time, language and page range–Region and language option–Language option card, click detailed information–Click language fence–In “on the tabletop demonstrated that the language fence” this item of front has the reelection frame, elected him oh! Definitely was deletes Chinese input.Did you from-line next five, what attire all put together well.Looked first has hit the virus Recommendation use visual purple Pinyin input method, very easy to use I have also encountered this kind of situation, I was should install for me optimized master that for to delete in the starting optimization.

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