Why can’t my computer demonstrate the camera

My camera actuates the correct installment, but inserts the camera on the computer not any response, any sound of something astir also does not have, front and the following USB jack has tried, is the same, before XP is also, now vista is also this kind of situation, but MP3 U plate and so on can distinguish.
I thought that my camera has the question, afterward I inserted others’ camera on mine computer try (also to install others camera’s actuation), was also any response does not have, I thought that was inside BIOS the establishment has the question, because I have traded the motherboard, before trading the motherboard, I also forgot to be able to use the camera.
This situation I am have met.I may give you to select the prompt.

Couple of days ago a neighbor and your same situation.Is vist equally.Is equally is unable to demonstrate the camera.Does I only then do quite a while understood that is how a matter.

You now were vist.You have installed camera’s actuation.But you possibly play had not thought.You install the actuation does not have from the start on usefully.Why? Because of vista he own belt many actuations.In he meets hardware’s time which did not know.His priority selection oneself will bring the actuation, then the installment, have not distinguished the hardware.But the question appeared in here.His actuation and our camera’s hardware is incompatible.This is also a question which why everybody did say.Is the vista compatibility is not good.

Solves the problem is also in here, you need to let vista install your actuation.

Therefore has found the question.You on, if wants the means to solve him.You found the hardware equipment supervisor.Should have your that camera in inside.But this time’s camera is unable to have an effect.You need to renew his actuation.Selects in his right key -> attribute to have the renewal actuation.Do not let him renew, but wants you to assign a position.This position is your actuation installs the compact disc, that actuation folder was good.

Such actuation used is your.The question should be possible to solve.

The above is only my experience and the experience.Hoped that has the help to you.Also possibly does not have the effect.However should give you to select the inspiration.

Wishes you to be happy Enters C:\WINDOWS\amcap.exe to look up, whether really installed.
Does not have too understands you, you installs correctly truly? Attains others’ computer yours camera to try again.Your camera actuates to install in the C plate.I have also met, had not responded on vista, afterward I from installed, each attire actuation, is very now good.

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