Where/How to get a program that shuts down a computer after another program turns off?

I’m racking your brains on a route to have my own computer switch off after a certain program regarding mine comes to an end.I’m aware of some software to choose from that will disappointment my laptop or computer with a number of conditions for instance memory use or idle time, but nothing that I’ll obtain that could turn a new pc off of after an application ends.

Maybe quite a few automation software are capable of doing it.But there might be a little bit of a finding out curve.Something like this:


This is methods to check on a plan if it truly is running or not:

reveal off
tasklist discover “svchost.exe” > nul
in the event %errorlevel% == JUST ONE echo Progression not found!
in the event %errorlevel% == 0 indicate Process identified!

In the event you save that as analyze.bat you’ll be able to see if the executable svchost.exe is actually running.Positive, Windows won’t be able to live not having it therefore your message shall be “Process located! ” but in the event you change scvhhost.exe to this_exe_doesnt_exist.exe you will note “Process possibly not found! “.

Think about your executable will be my_program.exe.You would have to adjust the code like that:

reveal off
tasklist discover “my_program.exe” > nul
in the event %errorlevel% == JUST ONE shutdown -s -t 0

Now all you’ve got to do is always to save the particular file a place and bring a scheduled task to run it If you know undoubtably your application is managing – since running that earlier can obviously shutdown a person’s PC.

What can be your operating procedure Windows Vista House windows 7 We need this information to tell you, but I just might tell you using Your windows program Task Scheduler.

Also, I could create one to suit your needs either inside Batch when shown underneath or throughout Visual Primary.

Obtain link (Batch formatting:)

Visual Basic shall be a minor longer.Add your program’s executable document name previous to.exe once find.

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