What problem please help me to have a look at the computer to have?

First speaks my disposition
CPU is the AMD binuclear 3800+
Obviously the card is seven rainbow 7300GT
Memory Jin Shidu DDR (2 generations) 512
Motherboard China large M2N-32
I feel the disposition also to be possible, but how to make felt that uses insufficiently quickly!!!

Now also had the new problem is on my computer thorough net! ~
On rework system also net
After the rework, killed poisonously with Caba on also!!!
(network passes)
Asks the master for to direct
The little brother thanked in this!
For did not close in BIOS LAN.Buys 15 quick money class network card., installed may..ping, if can pass, then the network protocol does not have the question
Should be your establishment question, automatic which IP supposes, moreover the ping net passes the gateway looked that can pass What on is the wide band direct connection family user must establish the wide band connection;
What on is the local area network connects the user to probably establish the local area network IP address;
Was not good is again the network has problems! Which certificate are you your network pass depending on? Inspected your network card to actuate to install a .PING or Sina’s website can pass, if were also not good is your network card is bad.Your PING own IP ~, if passes does not prove question `, if does not pass that was the network card is bad First confirmed whether the integrated network card is shut down in BIOS
Then the confirmation system installation is correct
Strikes on-line neighbor examination network attribute right to be whether normal, the criss-crossed connect mouth data is whether normal
Examined with the aid of PING outside net to be whether unimpeded
If above does not have the question, was system’s question First you have not talked clearly your network card to actuate to install?
I have many customers to reflect that said after oneself complete the system, cannot come up the net.But has not installed the actuation to create! Furthermore looked what you use was the network card is bad?
What if you use is a router
Has the firewall establishment outside the router to be possible not to allow you to connect the net
This page carries on the establishment to firewall’s each filtration function’s opening and the closure.Only then firewall’s master switch is opens, following “the IP address filtration”, “the domain name filtration”, “the MAC address filtration” only then can become effective, otherwise, then expires.

Opens the firewall (firewall’s master switch)
Opens the IP address filtration

Default filtration rule

Everything does not tally has supposed the IP address filtration rule the data packet, the permission passes this router
Everything does not tally has supposed the IP address filtration rule the data packet, forbids to pass this router

Opening domain name filtration

Opens the MAC address filtration

Default filtration rule

The permission has only supposed in the MAC address tabulation the MAC address which begins using to visit Internet
Forbids to suppose in the MAC address tabulation the MAC address which begins using to visit Internet, allows other MAC address to visit Internet

The router default’s visit address is
The account number password was admin gives the human you to there examination under to change!

Or you try you to input under cmd then ping in the movement your ip to have a look to be able to receive the package, if cannot explain that your gateway has the question.Then ping first to explained that the network card has the question, goes to on-line neighbor to have a look at the gateway and DNS whether mistakenly or the electricity envelope your route, has telephoned to them to be called them to solve may If your network card is not endured inside BLOS.
That is your network card actuates not to install.
Or is the IP agreement has not supposed.
If cannot gain IP to be possible automatically the manual establishment.

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