What laptop to get should I get?

I’m likely to be searching for a notebook very rapidly.I’m going to use Amazon to purchase it.Anyone with a clue with regards to computer prefer to direct me methods to go

What We are seeking:
ONE.I like HP plenty.Have acquired bad suffers from with Dell, but that may have been the operating-system so I am not wholly against purchasing Dell.

ONLY TWO.I make use of the comp.intended for banking, payment paying, online community and mmorpgs.I want something that will handle any MMO RPG (Lord of the Rings, INCREDIBLE type stuff).So graphics can’t be a weak point.

THREE.I’ll be doing word of mouth processing.

SEVERAL.I loathe touchpads, wish a mouse.

A FEW.Will be using my camera and placing pics using the pc.

6.I don’t need this “fastest” nonetheless don’t want a turtle possibly.

6.Can spend about $700, choose around $500.

7.Need WIFI.

What existing laptopes out there will agree with my needs Which are the ones folks “in that know” move for

All notebooks have wi-fi

The brand seriously isn’t important (HP, Dell, Acer, Toshiba, etc.).They’re all made in The far east anyways…

Here is definitely what to look for:

Be certain the operating-system is Windows 7 Dwelling Premium as well as better.
DO NOT GET Microsoft windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic
The Processor ought to be an Intel, a minimum of a Main 2 Duo or maybe better, such as Intel i5 or perhaps i7
Be certain it’s obtained DEDICATED LAYOUTS of as a minimum 256 MB, not necessarily integrated (on board)
A minimum of 4 GIGABITE of DDR3 or maybe DDR2 RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY memory
A minimum of 320GB harddrive (better with a 500GB), preferably a new Seagate hard drive.
Be certain it has a Webcam.
Be certain it’s received a TEN cell battery pack for more life as well as longer moment between costs.

You can receive all that for approximately $750, maybe less

Please printing this in addition to give to the tech man when likely to shop to get a laptop.

All the best ..

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