Viruses on Sony vaio?

I bought a Sony vaio intended for Christmas.There are worked fine since then then, until finally today.It flipped it on plus it said of which my pc was in critical condition and that it had many viruses on it.The one things We’ve downloaded in it tend to be iTunes as well as google the planet.I don’t aim for to obtain expensive security systems to get my personal computer, but I need ideas of if this my only option.Make sure you help!!!

you might have got the winfixer strain.its the virus that says there are a malware but dosn’t.ignore each of the error a run any virus, spy ware an or adware scan physically.

zero cost anti-virus:

free anti malware (scroll right down to free):

contra- spyware:

these are 100% have confidence in worthy.we’ve been making use of them habitual.

Search free of charge anti malware and get that.

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