To buy a new hard disk, such a problem

My hard disk has just been replaced in the evening, just to put on a good time, everything is OK!

play, but the 5 hours, a blue screen, I did not care, the results of the restart, landing on the screen of a blue screen!

I had to box out and found the hard drive on the Main Board and a loosening interface, so I had to bear according to the interface, the restart, the results of the problem so …

We would like to ask the next, hard to connect the motherboard data off line, it will not lead to a blue screen?

You have to be found.That is, of course, check to interface to replace the cable, and then look at the motherboard and hard drive interface interface any problems ~ ~

one by one investigation to find out the reasons.So, this will lead to a blue screen.However, not all, you have to be the best operating system.If the conditions for you with a look at memory.Definitely! Data lines to provide data exchange “ `
demolition to be careful when “ will not lead to bad`
exchange data suggest that we should first try line! The serial is not it? This normal problems

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