the sony handset could not connect the computer

Today buys newly
Connects the computer, although has the demonstration to move to shifting plate H, but double-clicked opens the document it also to say “please floppy disk insertion driver h”
Why is this?
Buys time has not forwarded as an enclosure the mounting flange, it also does not have any prompt…
Ask how should make?
(ps:Where has the sony free subject, the picture, the game to download? )
Thanks ~
Must install the actuation to be able to use me also to buy on the parallel import handset the website to search for actuates to be able to use Is SonyEricsson W580c..Since were the c explanation says the inferior goods, how will not have the compact disc?
Tells you, that H:Is equal in uses the handset to do reads the card, has not inserted the card certainly not to be able to read
Must open in handset’s document to go to the downloading to suit your handset’s PC Suit

When happy, seizes the fish, family of the handset…One look many, but best always you do

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