The hard disk could not open

I in open hard disk’s time compared to said the C plate spot opened jumps some to open the way directly.4 plates cannot open, the double click is also comes out to open the way.With as soon as the legal copy killed softly not good (Jinshan) the spot to open kills poisonously has met the frequency item on Cheng Huapin.That ICQkav is also useless.
Asks eldest brother eldest sister to help the little brother.I did not think that rewiring system that is the very brutal matter, which many patches dissembles must rise and for kills softly.Troublesome.
A downloading super rabbit has a look..The there mouse right key establishes to try! ~ In you a poison..atuo
Breakdown phenomenon:The double click cannot turn on the floppy disk, the right key floppy disk first option was auto, the floppy disk formatting good has been able to double-click, but after having restarted, was not good.
The solution is as follows, please press the step execution:
First, opens my computer -> tool -> folder option -> examination -> to select demonstration all documents and the folder first, removes “the hideaway the system file which protects” selection, lets all documents demonstrate.
(if were still unable to demonstrate that the complete document spot starts – movement – regedit carriage return HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ windows \ CurrentVersion \ explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden \ SHOWALL, the CheckedValue key value revision is 1.If not useful, the hideaway document had not demonstrated that observes the discovery virus it to have a more ruthless strategic move carefully:It after the revision registration expresses the hideaway document goal, for safe in order to, deletes originally effective DWORD value CheckedValue, newly built invalid string of character value CheckedValue, and changes the key value 0! Like this you thought that 0 changes 1 can is well with everything, but breakdown as before so! Also no wonder presented above phenomenon.The correct method is:Inspects CheckedValue the first type whether is REG_DWORD, if is not erases “the Li ghost” CheckedValue ( book “case”, should type be the REG_SZ CheckedValue deletion).Then single-clicks the right key “newly built”–> “the Dword value”, and names is CheckedValue, then revises its key value is 1, like this may choose “the demonstration all hideaway document”.After the operation, in my computer’s hideaway document might see a moment ago, if the above method is invalid, then possibly is the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ windows \ CurrentVersion \ explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden data missing or the damage, encounters this kind of situation, please in Windows XP install in the compact disc to find Hidden.reg, double-clicks it, then the one-shot “determines” the button, increases this complete registry data to the current system’s registry then.(note:I on XP installs the compact disc to look on hand looks does not have this thing, if you encounter this kind of situation unfortunately, may attempt uses this method:Looks for one not to have the question computer, this branch derives HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ windows \ CurrentVersion \ explorer \ Advanced \ Folder \ Hidden (, if naming is 1.reg); Then the backup has the question computer’s this registry branch; Finally inducts 1.reg looked whether to solve the problem)
Second, then strikes the method which the hard disk -> opens to turn on the hard disk right, you will see the auotrun.inf document, do not delete it first, will double-click it, will open this document automatically with the memorandum, inside will have open= ” to have the exe document “, must record letter this open after here you this exe document, then closure memorandum.
Then, struck the duty fence -> duty supervisor -> advancement -> to find you right to see a moment ago after the open that exe document’s advancement -> struck -> the conclusion advancement tree right.Arrives under again this hard disk, inside you should be possible to delete in turn autorun.inf and open the directional exe document.
Generally it will also infect other plates, and will have the start item inside the registry, so long as you will restart will manifest suddenly, therefore you must inspect other plates one time.Then erases registers the outside and inside the start item, the method is as follows:
Starts -> the movement ?regedit, enters the registry, overcomes the following sub-key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run
Looks for that exe document start item which in right side open= assigns.Generally can be c:\windiws\ ***** .exe and so on!!
If has, strikes -> the deletion right then!! This will again not manifest suddenly!
Reason two:rose virus:
Symptom:The double click plate symbol is unable to open, can only open through the right key; Several days later deletes the system NTDETECT.COM document, the system is unable to start.
Dissemination way:The U plate, MP3, move the hard disk
Inspection method:Folder option–Before the examination ” the hideaway the osfile which protects (recommendation) “is checked off, and chooses “demonstration all documents and the folder” under this item.Then opens any symbol, if discovered that has “rose.exe” and “AUTORUN.INF” the document, then has been poisoned.
Finished the rose.exe advancement, then erased the following document:Under each symbol’s autorun.inf and the rose.exe document (including own U plate and so on), c:\windows\system32\run.reg, c:\windows\system32\systemdate.ini (inside records is erasing the NTDETECT.COM document time), d:\ document; Finally HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Run the following dll key value erases the registry, then restarts then.Must kill me to deliver you specially ICQ 492314818 online to give After you are the AUTO virus, with kills the poisonous software to kill, then becomes like this? If so, directly on-line looks for to kill AUTO specially the code, arranges a batch run, looked that can good not The virus, has been able to open with the equipment supervisor If you are above situation, you use this tool …! ~~~~ with is such troublesome `?
Will start in the menu -> the movement -> input CMD? to get the CHKDSK/F -> carriage return to prompt chooses Y.
Repairs C plate’s time returns to the prompt starts computer’s time in the repair.!

Other plates

In starts in the menu -> movement -> input CMD? D:-> will get the CHKDSK/F -> carriage return to prompt chooses Y

The E plate hits
In starts in the menu -> movement -> input CMD? E:-> will get the CHKDSK/F -> carriage return to prompt chooses Y Ha each answer is very detailed ……I must revise ……Looked that I knocked that many characters to divide ~~ for me

I, the building host should also be with mobile equipment’s in poison
The right key opens has a look, if had an automatic broadcast option to be right

Downloads this wooden horse to kill specially first (, but must look rightly, killed the category to be too many specially.Searches AUTO to kill specially has a look, or enters the Jinshan poisonous tyrant’s net, looks for the wooden horse to kill the small tool specially, Jinshan has that to gather the collection), restarts the safe mode, with kills the poison specially, then looks for a course, must revise the registry, related deleted and AUTO

Probably accurate says does not call AUTO, should call RavMon ……Building main search this, or kills looks up is softly any wooden horse looks for anything to kill specially

The safe mode with kills the cleaning up specially, deletes the registry again, finally uses to kill softly regularly again examines one time comprehensively
Revises once more, attaches the material, I before the time preservation has.

How to solve the RavMon.exe virus
Recently has hit the RavMon.exe virus, solved it.Here summarizes, if some people also hit, illuminated is solving is good.
Double-clicks when hard disk’s plate symbol discovers cannot open, the right key menu selection opens is also incorrect, can only through start the menu, the movement, only then may open.Is also the benign virus:)
Through starts the menu, moves cmd, to the kind of DOS contact surface.Inputs some plate symbol, opens it, examines all documents with the dir /a, discovered that has RavMon.exe.The auspicious star also has a procedure to call RavMon.exe, therefore has much confuses the nature, looks at its attribute with attrib, if is SHR attribute, was the virus.
the rose virus also has the similar phenomenon, if therefore the discovery is rose.exe, was the rose virus, the solution was similar.
Enters the safe mode (to guarantee that is under the safe mode, and period do not double-click the plate symbol, otherwise wastes all previous efforts! )
The first step:
Through starts the menu, moves regedit to open the registry, the choice edition search, inputs RavMon.exe (, if is rose is rose.exe), after finding the key value, deleted it, then pressed F3, continued to search, deleted all RavMon.exe key value.Guarantees this point, was to mediate the RavMon.exe root.
The second step:
Through starts the menu, moves cmd, to the kind of DOS contact surface, enters some plate, eliminates these two documents with attrib – h – s – r AutoRun.inf and attrib – h – s – r RavMon.exe the hideaway read-only characteristic, then deletes them with del AutoRun.inf and del RavMon.exe.The reason that must the reason which began to AutoRun.inf be the RavMon.exe virus revised the AutoRun.inf document, caused your hard disk not to be able to open.So operates one side to each hard disk, attention:If has used U plate, must operate to the U plate! Inside that also brought the virus.
Restarts to the normal pattern, double-clicks the plate symbol, should be may open; On-line some people said that will have the possibility not to be able to open, prompts you to locate any thing, I have not bumped into.Some person’s method is this:If appears requests you to locate some order, if ESKTOP.EXE or other time, moves regedit, the choice edition search, inputs DEKTOP.EXE or other, found first was the C plate’s automatic movement, deleted the entire shell sub-key.Myself have not tried, puts best into it:)

Later must pay attention to mobile equipment’s use environment, pulls out frequently inserts, in the different computer is very easy, most important do not double-click opens!!!!!!!!!!! Wants the right key, elects to open, was all right
Now I did not have that to be poisonous

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