The crying day knelt seeks the method solution computer to be unable the rewiring

Before has repaired with in dos thdd the floppy disk, afterward cannot install systematically has asked schoolmate to install the present to think that the rewiring could enter that ghost tomato garden the contact surface, will be the spot installs the first district not to be actually good, installs later presents a cursor not to reflect, wore dies suddenly I.Fellow eldest brothers help Question supplement:My computer is buys newly, the floppy disk should not any question.You said the low standard and the compact disc installed me to try, the compact disc installment was not good, after selecting the installment, leaves a cursor.Stopped that.My computer pe also cannot go.My computer can install the vista system, also the slow of speech pot installs the legal copy the xp system, is cannot install ghost that kind of system, asked what the district table is?

Determined first your district table does have the badness.Easiest to use fdisk divides.I have also met
I hold the main engine to computer city 30 dollar all OK
You may attempt very quick this are the small question Do not use ghost the system, looked for a compact disc version’s system to install may.Really not good on low standard, with DM.Tool:A tomato garden plate, hard disk installment V3.3, with a Ghost system[depth rain forest wind line], with tomato garden that plate’s in PE start computer, with hard disk installment load Ghost in system’s GHO mirror image document, because in pe environment, therefore the computer cannot restart automatically, you may manual restart, then the computer automatic will complete all work, ha-ha, if the incorrect words with the tomato that plate’s in hard disk magician, furnishing the hard disk, should be possible to do decide, will wish you to be quite far.Just solved one with yours similar question

Can enter xp actually to enter the ghost automatic close-down under dos …………

1st, opens above other computer the hard disk, after the ghost counter-clone closes down, meets own computer to go, slowly installs.
2 look for the pe system, installed the hard disk pe to go (not to have system not to be able to install pe, had under pe with ghost), myself to bump into is uses ghost under pe.

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