The computer quite strange question are many

when 1 start lands must wait to be able very for a long time to open the wide band connection
sometimes 2 sudden noise then blue screens will halt on the screen pile of writing saying that your computer will present a question anything
3 recent nets fast become very slow (are originally very quick), and on-line every flash video frequency demonstrates is the red fork or an upper left picture symbol does not have the thing
4 each time starting will have several transportable floppy disk 4 same places
Also has did not know that has with the virus relates my here is the poisonous tyrant 2008 does not know what kind of
Which kind kills the poisonous software to be good? The hope recommends Question supplement:A system rewiring time not useful

What is most main is the second question

The hope can

Right said again adobe that flash player I installed n time the installation process am by jump over anything

Moreover the computer has flash8 to have the player question

First three should with the virus related, 4th is very normal, many looms are this The question are many
Rewiring system
Thorough settlement Rewiring system You try to rise to newly Jinshan, then kills the poison to the safe mode, if necessary under a wooden horse kills the software specially, certainly must kill the poison under the safe mode! Has been poisoned, on-line has the legal copy Jinshan poisonous tyrant’s proof edition, may download first kills looked, several days then must continue consolidated, surfer time open net sign anything.The address gives you one: Because the virus except is prepared in the system plate not in part of ones duty, but also has the backup in each other districts, therefore the rewiring is possibly unable the viral elimination to be clean.

Should better be please do compare computer’s person to help you to kill.My viewpoint is because has installed the poisonous tyrant’s reason, I before meets has installed it to cause the problem which the machine slows down, suggested that spends 40-50 dollars, in washes on the treasure to buy legal copy Caba Siji Key, may use for one year, cost-effective.Then the deprive of office net downloads its procedure, installed this to kill softly, the common virus does not need to fear, has deleted the poisonous tyrant first.It is the same with the virus.

Supplemented:Dissimilarity which said to above, has deleted the poisonous tyrant first, then trades its homicide to be soft.1.manual establishes your IP address, connects on-line neighbor’s this locality
the 2.XP blue screen’s reason many are the hardware or the hardware actuates to cause
3.that is because has not installed flash player
4.4 motion floppy disks, possibly are your computer have 16 unite read the card, or your motherboard has installed the SATA actuation, causes your hard disk to consider that moves the floppy disk

Some point may remove viral the reason My answer is definitely correct!
1:You on-line neighbor right key attribute! Has this locality in inside to connect! Right key attribute! Found the TCP/IP agreement! Selects the attribute! Then from decides the IP address!
Opens the start, the choice movement, inputs cmd, springs the dialog box inputs the IP geology which in inside ipconfig found local connects, input to TCP \ in the IP agreement attribute from the definition!
May solve you to open the wide band to connect the slow question!
2:When blue screen, best turns on the engine case lid, feels the temperature! If felt lukewarm slightly has the hot feeling!
Asks you to ask the professional to help you to clean up the ventilator dust! Possibly is overheated becomes early!
3:After makes the system! In the intnet option, found the security option card, was low the rank furnishing, might!
4:Your hard disk should be the sata serial port! Supports inserts hotly pulls out! In that should be the motherboard actuates the driver! You saw should be your plate symbol!
That has not affected to you! You may try, does not have the means to delete safely!
Therefore does not need too to consider! If thought that affects your vision! Looks bothersomely, you may refer to here!

ok, question like this, if is not good you to be possible to scold me!

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