The computer question, the master please enter…

The symptom is as follows:1.hears one suddenly ” the drop “, (as soon as then the monitor did not have the signal black screen, indicating lamp dodged).
2.the main engine indicating lamp is shining, the CPU ventilator in the revolution, may or restarts healthily according to the close-down had not responded, drives according to the light not to spring.The healthy plate lamp is also shining.But does not have any response. now only then dialed the power failure source, then starting, after the self-checking, restores normally.
4.not frequently, occasionally has it.Sometimes one evening 34, sometimes several days cannot…

Which position directs 12, feels grateful extremely!
Answer accurate.Adds the high score again.
Possibly is the supply voltage is excessively low, also possibly is GPU the load is oversized I have also met,
The supply voltage is unstable, motherboard’s electric capacity blows up, Should be the memory question, draws out in certificate of deposit scratches Jin Shouzhi.Puts the motherboard the electricity, if obviously the card is independent, then extracts downward obviously the card scratches Jin Shouzhi Preliminary determination
Was your motherboard chip has the question.
Next is the memory and obviously between the card.
Perhaps power source question.If these removed above next
That 100% were motherboard’s question, you might go to you
CPU trades the block motherboard.The attention has a look at CPU to buy the motherboard again first.
Generally 2 have the beforehand old motherboard.What cheap below 200 are many are.

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