The computer master enters! About the freezing point, the rewiring cannot be hungry!

Installed the freezing point not to know any reason, could not exhale the freezing point according to ctrl+alt+shift+F6, either exhaled has not responded! The freezing point maintains the return to original state condition! On because therefore like this cannot close the return to original state condition! Deletes after the safe mode restarted is returned to original state! Good melancholy! Entered the motherboard to look at the time is the synchronization has not been changed!

Under the rascal can only think the rewiring system, but system prompt:It is not the manager status does not have the privilege movement!
I fainted have died, did not let the rewiring, how should manage can make the freezing point, or closure return to original state!
, I will not have seen cannot the rewiring.Starting puts in the mounting flange, then the C plate form words, installing equipment, there need any manager jurisdiction, everybody may Removes the freezing point to be possible, the freezing point belongs instead the installation procedure.Your first movement is the installment, the second movement prompt is the unloading.When unloading you input the password to be possible to remove.First, you must guarantee that your system may enter dos (pure that kind), with yours system mounting flange
1.enters (maxdos which like dos I enter)
2.then enters orders the fdisk /mbr
3.enters the system, with installs the document unloading, certainly unloads not completely, finished unloading is not automatic is heavy, wanted manual to be heavy, the spot started to close down is not good, did not know how a matter, did take over straight according to rest (manual).
4.enters the system, opens the registry, deletes the following project







Certainly must delete the item, to guarantee that the deletion completeness, you may register the outside and inside to search deep, then might find the freezing point the registry content, this step was very important
4.gets up again, starting, opens the freezing point to install the document, will not look at that Unistall.Then may install the freezing point to pull ~ “` You found the freezing point the icon Ctrl+ mouse left key double click.I may exhale like this.

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