The computer master entered the net!

What I home use was Aerkate route MODEM.always was very recently difficult to connect ADSL.
Even if connects accessed the net fast to be very also slow.Will have fallen shortly afterward.Present’s question is .MODEM
This locality connects with the ADSL indicating lamp is bright only then the Internet indicating lamp is not bright.Turns on the route establishment page.
Demonstrated that ADSL connects normally.Local has not established the IP connection.But my TCP/IP establishes normal .ADSL also to pass
On on-line neighbor demonstrated that (local connects connection) (the Internet gateway to connect either already separation)
May PING pass the wide band route and the website.The network card should the question not be the integration.Did not know that has been poisoned or the MODEM question
Could not find the reason.Under the master grants instruction! Question supplement:MOD which the ping is me who passes to use is the routing function.Forever online starting does not use the digit dialing.ADSL is one which use.Not with others sharing.The computer installed has 360 system patches to hit fully.I turn head under the safe mode to look up have a look first

Viral attention guard MODEM question Separates the wide band connection first, under the safe mode kills the poison.
Confirmed that the non-question the words belt telephone gives the guest the clothing The cat had the question, traded one to be able to solve the problem immediately.Or you may take away the telecommunication to exchange, heard that may exchange with the telecommunication, moreover the gang maintains for one year, only needs 30 Yuan, did not know whether really.You may try to look.Is and others uses ADSL together?
If such must have a look is other machine is carrying on the ARP attack
First has a look is own question
Inspects is the first network card has the question

Start—” moves—” CMD—-” ping
Has a look whether can ping passing, if passed had proven that the network card did not have the question
Takes off the route
Carries on the surfer directly with the MOD digit dialing
If does not have question
That can prove that was the router question

However resembled the telecommunication or the net recently passes can only a line have a machine surfer
Did not know that is this reason
I in Beijing, have not discovered such situation now

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