The computer expert enters 500 points

Everybody, I wants to buy an association computer.(table model)
Price in 3000—between 4000 Yuan.
Is compilersing of successful imperial civil service examination papers uses, chooses the commercial model good?
The key is must be practical, does not play the network game, generally visits the Alibaba such commercial website transaction.Is ICQ chats.
In Alibaba, many functions must download, wants to consult each patient explanation.
If screen 17 inches, clear
With introduced simply disposes.
The association misses homeland pleased, table model small advantage The home use model, associates in the website to have a look.However recommends the DELL sign.According to the LZ request, was roughly the match raises the binuclear integration obviously card definitely to be possible, the price should about 3000, as for be home use or the commerce all looks with the person hobby.
Has any matter to be possible to add my ICQ379463050, here exchanges too promptly not convenient.Should choose the commercial computer actually according to yours application, because home use equipment obviously and so on card, television card regarding you are actually unnecessary.Ha-ha 3000 Yuan might dispose the very good mainstream DIY computer
Gave you to examine that a moment ago on family pleased H 1508

Solves the question share joyful vegetable elder brother vegetable younger sister study computer Q crowd:57126802
Website IDC constructs the specialized optimized website SEO group:39162970
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IDC website:
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Spatial website: Reference: Family pleased U1000 Intel ICP D 331/256M/80G/high 3D can integrate obviously the card /DVD/ integration network card/function keyboard/optical mouse/newly to associate 100 point school /DOS
The retail price matches including the sign:17 ” LCD/association sound box
This section of association home use lowest.

If you will use a computer.

Suggested that you dispose one… I look at or buy the Haire computer to be quite good a spot, no matter from price, from the disposition and the post-sale service is first-class, I buy am the Haire bang space mine series, the price in 4000 Yuan.
Haire bang space mine H3-B060 reference price:4299 Yuan price error corrections >>
Business quoted price:4299 to 4299 Yuan businesses promotes sales >>
Computer type:The home use – family crosses the threshold
CPU explained:The Intel match raises binuclear LE1200 1.6GHz
Memory capacity:1024MB
Hard disk capacity:250GB
Obviously card core:nVidia GeForce 9300GE obviously card core
The light drives the type:DVD-ROM Your request is so low, did not need to ask, went to the street to hold one to be possible casually, 3000-4000 Yuan machines everywhere

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