The computer did not have the sound, how could restore?

Had no intention not to know that in a moment ago what deleted to be forbid, afterward did not have the sound, ask how could restore?
The rewiring sound card actuates Did not know that you made into him the static sound, had a look at control panel’s sound equipment to look Opens the equipment supervisor first, looked that has not given regards, (, if has, otherwise then you have not had actuation), “starts/the establishment/control panel/sound and the video frequency/” removes the static sound catch clow./
Wishes you to succeed! Right key my computer management–Equipment supervisor–Has a look not to have the yellow question mark, had is you have deleted the sound card actuation, will go to-line under “Actuation Demon” installs it, it will guide you to install automatically.No words were you have been forbid the sound card actuation.Tries from the control panel to look that has not endured the sound.Thanks the above reply….Let my this talent come to learn hey multi-thing ~~

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